The Ludie Clay Andrews Award was initiated in honor of Mrs. Ludie Clay Andrews, a pioneer who worked to improve health conditions in the Deep South. In 1914, Mrs. Andrews was appointed by the City of Atlanta to organize a School of Nursing for Negro students at Grady Memorial Hospital. She served as the superintendent until 1920.

Mrs. Andrews was never too busy to serve her community. Among her many interests was the Atlanta Tuberculosis Association and young Women’s Christian Association. She gave many years of service to these two useful organizations in order that negroes in Atlanta might benefit from their services and programs.

In her capacity as an administrator and organizer, her services were of the highest quality. Dr. W.B. Summerall stated that he found Mrs. Andrews a devoted person with high ideals in regards to the work of her people and the Nursing profession.

The Ludie Andrews Distinguished Service Award is a rose finished hand engraved gold metal. It was patterned by Pecola White Rodriquez from the Lamp of Learning.